Government to Citizen (G2C) and
Citizen to Government Services (C2G)

CityCloud offers a comprehensive suite for government agencies, streamlining policy administration, budgeting, and departmental oversight and fostering improved public service delivery, operations, and citizen services across national, regional, and local levels.

Citizen Services

Administer public service requests and citizen feedback. Streamline online service delivery and citizen engagement.

Employment Services

Manage job placement programs, workforce development initiatives, career counseling and job training workshops.

Department of Aging Services

For effective senior citizen program management and elderly care services. Streamline senior center management and home care services.

Public Housing Services

Streamline tenant application management and lease agreement processing. Manage property maintenance requests and rent collection.

DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)

Manage motor vehicle policies, budgeting, driver licensing, and vehicle registration.

Parks Services

Manage parks policies, budgeting, and operations like park maintenance and recreational programs.

Recreational Services

Manage recreation facility, plan programs, and manage operations like park maintenance and facility rentals.

Records Management Services

Document Archiving and administer records retention policies. Manage document digitization and record retrieval services.

Taxation Services

Administer tax assessment and revenue forecasting. manage operations like tax collection and property valuation.

Transportation Services

Administer infrastructure planning, public transit management and streamline road maintenance and public transportation scheduling

Child Welfare Administration Services

Streamline case management, foster care placement, child protection investigations, and adoption services

Homeless Services

Administer homeless shelter management and outreach programs. manage temporary housing assistance and street outreach services.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services

Streamline substance abuse treatment coordination and rehabilitation services. Manage detoxification programs and counseling services.

Pest Control Services

Administer pest control permitting and regulatory compliance. Manage pest inspections and pest extermination services.

Pet and Animal Services

Manage animal licensing and registration, animal control policies, animal shelter management and animal adoption programs.

Parking Violations

Centralized dashboard for managing parking violation data, issuing citations, and tracking enforcement activities. Mobile app for parking officers to conduct patrols, issue citations, and record violations in real-time.

Code Enforcement

Case management system for tracking code enforcement cases, inspections, and compliance. Mobile app for code enforcement officers to conduct inspections, document violations, and issue citations.

Pay for Parking

Payment management system for processing parking fees, citations, and permit applications. Parking payment kiosks and mobile payment apps for convenient payment options.

Comptroller and Oversight Agency Services

Oversee budget, manage financial audits, fraud investigation, and expense tracking. Thank you for your message! I am currently out of the office and will not be able to respond to emails until (date of return).

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