Public Bodies

Through CityCloud, public bodies can gain access to the tools needed to fulfill their mandates efficiently and transparently, manage their operations, and enhance service delivery. The most common areas of an organization can use CityCloud for some of the following ideas:


Offers citizens secure access to their personal records and online form submissions, reducing paperwork. Citizens can use easy channel to provide feedback on government services and also access government grants and funding.


Provides a platform for citizens to request government services/assistance like police assistance or public records, lodge complaints, report issues, and submit online applications for permits and licenses.


Provides citizens with information and access to government assistance programs (like social welfare programs and assistance and Telehealth services), educational opportunities and support services.


Offers citizens access to courses and educational materials, and government programs for enhancing citizens’ skills and employability. Citizens can benefit from workshops on civic engagement and participation in government.


Informs citizens about safety concerns or emergencies and provides tools for reporting crimes or suspicious activities. Citizen can use easy tools to report incidents and fraudulent activities.

Information Technology

Provides government with websites, online portals, digital tools, and help with using these and resolving technical issues. Citizens can access these resources and get help with their easy access.

Project Management

Delivers information on public infrastructure projects, construction plans, and initiatives in progress. Citizens get an opportunity to collaborate on community-based projects.

Asset Management

Provides information on government-owned properties and maintains transparency with tools for tracking government assets and resources. Citizens can gain access to property-related services, including rentals and leases.

Access Management

Offers secure access to government services through user permissions and access levels management for government systems. Citizens can use tools to manage their accounts and preferences on government platforms through a single login.

GIS Mapping for Asset Location and Tracking

Offers Google Maps integration for real-time visualizing and tracking of government data and resources. Citizens can map public resources, such as parks, libraries, and public transportation, easing response to emergencies effectively.

Accelerate Digital Transformation to Improve Citizen Services