Integrated Dashboards for CityCloud Portal

Benefits of CityCloud Integrated Dashboards include:


Dashboard for monitoring resource allocation, personnel management, and workflow optimization.


A real-time operational dashboard displays key performance indicators (KPIs) for task execution and service delivery.


Dashboard tracking various government initiatives and programs' progress, milestones, and outcomes.


Training dashboard for tracking employee progress, completion rates, and skill development initiatives.


Security dashboard providing insights into cybersecurity threats, incident response, and compliance status.

Information Technology

IT dashboard for monitoring system performance, network health, and software updates.

Project Management

Project dashboard displaying project timelines, milestones, and budgetary information for effective project oversight.

Asset Management

Asset management dashboard for tracking asset utilization, maintenance schedules, and lifecycle management.

RFID Integration

RFID dashboard for real-time tracking and inventory management of assets equipped with RFID tags.

Access Management

Access control dashboard for managing user permissions, authentication logs, and access requests.

GIS Mapping

GIS dashboard for visualizing spatial data, asset locations, and tracking movements on Google Maps.

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